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"Longitudinal changes in young children's 0-100 to 0-1000 number-line error signatures" by Robert A. Reeve, Jacob M. Paul and Brian Butterworth Frontiers in Psychology: Developmental Psychology: Vol 6: Article 647 Pages 1 - 9. (PDF). (15th May 2015).

Brian Butterworth interviewed in "Can Animals Count?" by Robyn Williams on ABC Radio, Australia The Science Show. Edited Audio (15 minutes). Full Programme. (8th November 2014).

"A new clinical tool for assessing numerical abilities in neurological diseases: numerical activities of daily living" by Carlo Semenza, Francesca Meneghello, Giorgio Arcara, Francesca Burgio, Francesca Gnoato, Silvia Facchini, Silvia Benavides-Varela, Maurizio Clementi and Brian Butterworth in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Vol 6: Article 112, Pages 1 - 8. (PDF). (20th June 2014).

"Commonalities for Numerical and Continuous Quantity Skills at Temporo-parietal Junction" by Marinella Cappelletti, Rebecca Chamberlain, Elliot D. Freeman, Ryota Kanai, Brian Butterworth, Cathy J. Price, and Geraint Rees in Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 26: 5, Pages 986 - 999. (PDF). (May 2014).

"Collective enhancement of numerical acuity by meritocratic leadership in fish" by Angelo Bisazza, Brian Butterworth,, Laura Piffer, Bahador Bahrami, Maria Elena Miletto Petrazzini & Christian Agrillo in Nature: Scientific Reports 4: 4560, Pages 1 - 5. (PDF). (2nd April 2014).

"Impaired Numerical Ability Affects Supra-Second Time Estimation" by Sharon Gilaie-Dotan, Geraint Rees, Brian Butterworth and Marinella Cappelletti in Timing & Time Perception Vol 2: 2: Pages 169 - 187. (PDF). (11th March 2014).

Brian Butterworth interviewed in How to Teach Maths by Alex Bellos on BBC Radio 4. (5th February 2014).

Can fish count? Lecture by Brian Butterworth at UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience on YouTube. (23rd January 2014).

Educational Neuroscience, edited by Denis Mareschal, Brian Butterworth and Andy Tolmie, published by Wiley-Blackwell: Contents and also Introduction by Brian Butterworth & Andy Tolmie. (December 2013).

Sensitivity to numerosity is not a unique visuospatial psychophysical predictor of mathematical ability by Marc S. Tibber, Gemma S. L. Manasseh, Richard C. Clarke, Galina Gagin, Sonja N. Swanbeck, Brian Butterworth, R. Beau Lotto & Steven C. Dakin in Vision Research, 89, 1 - 9. (PDF). (30th August 2013).

The Brain or the Universe - Where Does Math Come from? A Kavli Foundation Spotlight Videocast Discussion with Bruce Lieberman, Brian Butterworth, Max Tegmark and Raphael Nuñez on YouTube. (7th August 2013).

Developmental trajectories of grey and white matter in dyscalculia by Ashish Ranpura, Elizabeth Isaacs, Caroline Edmonds, Mary Rogers, Julie Lanigan, Atul Singhal, John Clayden, Chris Clark & Brian Butterworth in Trends in Neuroscience and Education, 2 (2), 56 - 64. (PDF). (June 2013).

Understanding Neurocognitive Developmental Disorders Can Improve Education for All by Brian Butterworth & Yulia Kovas in Science: Vol 340 No 6130, 200 - 205. (PDF). (19th April 2013).

Collective enumeration by Bahador Bahrami, Daniele Didino, Chris Frith, Brian Butterworth & Geraint Rees in Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 39 (2), 338 - 347. (PDF). (April 2013).

Differential effects of left parietal theta-burst stimulation on order and quantity processing by Gordon L.F. Cheng, Joey Tang, Vincent Walsh, Brian Butterworth & Marinella Cappelletti in Brain Stimulation. 6 (2): Pages 160 - 165. (PDF). (March 2013).

Brian Butterworth interviewed about Numbers and Brains by Numberphile on YouTube. (26th January 2013).

Numbers Games Devised to Aid People with "Dyscalculia" by Ewen Callaway and Nature Magazine in Scientific American. (9th Janury 2013).

Brian Butterworth in Nature News Feature "Dyscalculia: Number Games" by Ewen Callaway (PDF). (9th January 2013).

Brian Butterworth contributes to Brain Science discussion on BBC Radio 4's The Infinite Monkey Cage. (14 MB podcast). (10th December 2012).

Brian Butterworth interviewed by Alex Bellos at beginning (02.45) and end (22.30) of BBC Radio 4's Land of the Rising Sums. (29th October 2012).

Brian Butterworth interviewed about Dyscalculia by Numberphile on YouTube. (24th July 2012).

"Commentary on 'How Can Syntax Support Number Word Acquisition?' by Kristen Syrett, Julien Musolino & Rochel Gelman" by Brian Butterworth in Language Learning and Development. 8: 186 - 189, 2012. (PDF). (30th March 2012).

"Stability and Change in Markers of Core Numerical Competencies" by Robert Reeve, Fiona Reynolds, Judi Humberstone & Brian Butterworth. in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General (PDF). (12th March 2012).

"Evidence for Two Numerical Systems That Are Similar in Humans and Guppies." by Agrillo, C., Piffer, L., Bisazza, A., & Butterworth, B. in PLoS ONE. 7(2), e31923. doi: 10.1371 / journal. pone. 0031923. (PDF). (15th February 2012).

"Basic Numerical Capacities and Prevalence of Developmental Dyscalculia: The Havana Survey" by Vivian Reigosa-Crespo, Mitchell Valdés-Sosa, Brian Butterworth, Nancy Estévez, Marisol Rodríguez, Elsa Santos, Paul Torres, Ramón Suárez, & Agustín Lage in Developmental Psychology. Volume 48 (1): Pages 1 - 13. (PDF). (January 2012).

"Numeracy Skills in Patients With Degenerative Disorders and Focal Brain Lesions: A Neuropsychological Investigation " by Cappelletti, M., Butterworth, B., & Kopelman, M. in Neuropsychology. Volume 26 (1): Pages 1 - 19. (PDF). (January 2012).

"Time processing in dyscalculia" by Marinella Cappelletti, Elliot D. Freeman & Brian L. Butterworth Frontiers in Psychology. Vol 2: Article 364. (PDF). (20th December 2011).

"Fine-grained pitch processing of music and speech in congenital amusia" by Barbara Tillmann, Elena Rusconi, Brian Butterworth, Caroline Traube, Isabel Peretz, & Carlo Umiltà:, C. in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Volume 130(6): Pages 4089 - 4096. (15th December 2011).

"Understanding the real value of fractions and decimals" by Teresa Iuculano & Brian Butterworth in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Volume 64: Issue 11. (PDF). (1st November 2011).

"Mapping Numerical Magnitudes Along the Right Lines: Differentiating Between Scale and Bias" by Vyacheslav Karolis, Teresa Iuculano, and Brian Butterworth in Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Vol 140: 4 (PDF). (November 2011).

"Numeri e calcolo" ("Numbers & Calculation"), Edizioni Erickson, by Brian Butterworth, which translation of "The Development of Arithmetical Abilities", 2005. (30th October 2011).

"Didattica per la discalculia" ("Teaching methods for dyscalculia"), Edizioni Erickson, by Brian Butterworth & Dorian Yeo, which translation of "Dyscalculia Guidance". (30th October 2011).

"Neural basis of mathematical cognition" by Brian Butterworth & Vincent Walsh in Current Biology. Vol 21: 16: R618-R621. (PDF). (23rd August 2011).

Brian Butterworth & David Baddiel in Laverne Antrobus's BBC4 "Carrots & Sticks: A Horizon Guide to Raising Kids". Extract. (11th August 2011).

"Specialization in the human brain: the case of numbers" by Roi Cohen Kadosh, Bahador Bahrami,Vincent Walsh, Brian Butterworth, Tudor Popescu & Cathy J. Price in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Volume 5 Article 62 Pages 1 - 9. (PDF) . (11th July 2011).

Introduction from Chinese Version of "The Mathematical Brain, 2004. (4th July 2011).

"Low numeracy and dyscalculia: identification and intervention " by Brian Butterworth & Diana Laurillard in ZDM Mathematics Education. Volume 42: Number 6: Pages 527- 539. (PDF) (18th June 2011).

"Bad at Math - or is it dyscalculia?" by Cari Nierenberg in MSNBC. (31st May 2011).

Dyscaculia Resources, Web Sites and Video Links added. Video extracts, featuring Beau, Paul and Trish, from "Sorry, Wrong Number", a film made by Alex Gabbay and Brian Butterworth for the Educating Together web site. (29th May 2011).

"Dyscalculia: From Brain to Education" by Brian Butterworth, Sashank Varma & Diana Laurillard in Science Magazine. Vol 332: Number 6033: Pages 1049 - 1053. (27th May 2011).

"Is dyscalculia as serious as dyslexia?" with Brian Butterworth & Marcus Du Sautoy on the Today Programme. BBC Radio 4. (27th May 2011).

"Bad at numbers: what's the brain got to with it?" by Brian Butterworth lecture at Institute of Education, University of Reading with introduction by Andy Goodwyn. (22nd March 2011).

"That Does Not Compute: the hidden affliction of dyscalculia" with Brian Butterworth et al on "All in the Mind", presented by Natasha Mitchell. (mp3). Additional interview with Brian Butterworth (mp3). All in the Mind Blog: Numbers (29th January 2011).

"Numbers in the Brain:" A Meeting in honour of Professor Brian Butterworth: Programme. Lecture Theatre, Clinical Neuroscience Building, 33 Queen Square, London WC1. "Representations of number in the brain" and "The role of the language systems in the brain in the development of the concept of number". (26th & 27th November 2010).



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