Dyscalculia Web Sites, Videos & Professional Resources.


Web Sites

About Dyscalculia: Replacement?

Dr Anna Wilson's site for dyscalculics and researchers: Replacement?


The Dyscalculia Forum: Replacement?

A US-based site for people with dyscalculia: Replacement?


About Dyscalculia
Dyscalculia and Maths

The British Dyslexia Association


Every Child Counts

The Mathematical Brain

This website has many technical articles on dyscalculia. Please try the search facility below or go the main site.





Numberphile on Dyscalculia.



BBC: Links & Videos on Dyscalculia.


An extract from "Sorry, Wrong Number", a film made by Alex Gabbay and Brian Butterworth for the Educating Together web site.


Educating Together
Paul Moorcraft  

A prolific author shows that dyscalculia can persist into adulthood.



Professional Resources

Identifying dyscalculia

Butterworth, B. (2003). "Dyscalculia Screener". London: nferNelson Publishing Company Ltd. This can be administered only by a qualified person, such as an educational psychologist. Available along with "Dyscalculia Guidance".



Developing "Number Sense" Where to go please?

Potentially useful software, based on the work of Dorian Yeo, Jane Emerson, and Trish Babtie, special needs teachers, developed by Diana Laurillard and Hassan Baajour at the London Knowledge Lab. There is also a forum for feedback to the software designers.


Where to go please? Developing
Dyscalculia Primer and Resource Guide

This is from the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development's education division with a useful article by Dr Anna Wilson, a leading researcher in dyscalculia.